Recruitment of Vice- Manager of Accounting Department

Job description:

Assisting to and being responsible for the Manager of Accounting Department in the following areas:

  1. Participate in managing and operating Accounting Department. Accounting works;
  2. Perform the general accounting operation;
  3. Guide professional guidances for accountants;
  4. Guide the accounting regime; Inspect accounting operation of dependent units;
  5. Inspect, guide and sign accoungting books and documents as assigned authorization;
  6. Coordinate in planning and assigning annual financial plans;
  7. Participate in establish financial management regulations, cost norms for dependent units, financial mechanisms, business mechanisms and unit prices of goods and materials (buying and selling price) for customers;
  8. Participate in the inspection of dependent units on finance and accounting;
  9. Coordination in managing, guiding and evaluating the staff;
  10. Perform other tasks as required by Manager of Accounting Department. Manage accounting works;
  11. Manage general accounting work;
  12. Prepare and carry out the financial plans of Manager of Accounting Department;
  13. Prepare documents for short-term and long-term loans;
  14. Make financial reports and tax reports;
  15. Store accounting records and books;
  16. Promptly update and firmly understand the regulations and policies on financial management and tax policies of the Ministry of Finance, the General Department of Taxation and the General Department of Customs to advise the CEO and the Board of Directors on time to settle;
  17. Participate in advising the Board of Directors on policies and regimes related to financial management. Propose financial management measures while ensuring policies, saving and promoting the production and business of the Company;
  18. Analyse and plan finance for the company to optimize the capital and business performance of the company;
  19. Perform other tasks assigned by the leaders;


– Salary, bonus according to the capacity;

– To be entitled to the benefit as State regulations: social insurance, health insurance,…, enjoy the treatment regime and policies of Company (such as holidays, visits …).

– Professional, dynamic and modern working environment with the orientation of sustainable development;

– Be trained professional and soft skills.

Other requirements:

  1. Graduated from college, university or upper in Finance, Accounting and Auditing;
  2. Understand State policies and laws on enterprises; accounting laws, tax laws and related implementing guidelines; State policies relating to financial accounting; regulations on financial accounting in the business;
  3. Skills: Proficient use of computer tools for professional work;
  4. Be honest, agile, responsible for work. Accept high pressure work;
  5. Be responsible, careful, enthusiastic, creative;
  6. Have good health and long-term working aspiration;
  7. Be able to organize and operate the financial and accounting mechanism.

Applying form: Click the SUBMIT button to apply

Deadline for applying: October 30, 2017.

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