Sesame and its effect on our health

Sesame is used as an addittional flavor for the dishes. However, this tiny spice has big effect on the human health. Sesame has many types, popularly is yellow sesame, white sesame and black sesame. Sesame contains not only vitamins but also a lot of natural minerals and organic compounds such as calcium, ferrum, magnesium, phosphorus, manganum, cuprum, zincum, fiber, thiamin, vitamin B6, folic acid, protein, and tryptophan. So that sesame brings great benefit for health.

1. Preventing cancer

With nutritional value, vitamins, minerals in sesame, it can’t deny the ability in preventing cancer of this tiny seed. Sesame contains not only minerals but also phytic acid – an anti-cancer compound which acts as an antioxidant preventing the action of free radicals. So that this compound not only prevents cancer but also boosts the activity of immune system, slows down the aging process, improves and prevents cardiovascular disease, prevents cognitive disorders. Some types of cancer that sesame can prevent are white blood cells cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, pancreas cancer, colon cancer and prostate cancer.

2. Blood pressure

Some studies have shown that sesame oil can lower high blood pressure, help the cardiovascular system operate more lightly as well as prevent cardiovascular disease. In addition, magnesium is known as a panacea to dilate blood vessel lowering high blood pressure, so that the magnesium in sesame oil works the same way. May be you do not know, the magnesium content in sesame oil in a diet provides 25% of your daily magnesium need. This number is not small right?

3. Dental health

Sesame has a strong effect on oral health. When rubbing sesame powder of pounded sesame on the teeth, it will help you prevent bacterial on the teeth. Especicaly, sesame seeds can prevent the activity of the main bacteria that causes tooth decay – Streptococcus.

4. Protecting under the radiation

Sesamol is a compound found in sesame seed and it can protect DNA from the effects of radiation agents. Radiation can be caused by accidental situations or during chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment. Sesame seed can protect DNA from radiation modification, thereby preventing cancer or diseases associated with DNA transformation.

5. Skin and hair

Sesame contains zincum, which helps in collagen formation, enhances muscle, hair and skin health. Sesame oil can also reduce the appearance of age spots and other signs of aging on the skin.

6. Bone health

High level of essential minerals in sesame seed such as zinc, calcium and phosphorus improves bone health in the body. These minerals can support the process of calcium regenerating and supplying to the bone, preventing osteoporosis.

7. Anti-inflammatory

Cuprum in sesame seed has many effects, one of which are supporting pain relief from osteoarthritis, muscles, reducing osteoarthritis, muscular disease. In addition, cuprum is an essential element for the protecting blood vessels, bones and joints. In addition, cuprum is essential for absorpting ferrum in the body.

8. Control the diabetes

Once again emphasizing the importance of magnesium and the minerals in sesame seed, sesame works to prevent and control diabetes in all kinds. Furthermore, some studies have demonstrated that sesame oil has positive effects in the treatment of diabetes type II. Sesame oil can improve and enhance the effects of medication, regulates the amount of insulin and glucose in the body, which in turn can control the disease.

9. Digestive tract

Like other grains, sesame seed have fiber. Fiber helps the digestive tract operate more smoothly, making food easier to digest. As a result, the body also avoids gastrointestinal diseases such as constipation, diarrhea, bowel diseases as well as prevent gastrointestinal cancer. In addition, fiber is an antagonist of harmful LDL cholesterol from animal fats, the fiber that removes these harmful cholesterol from the body to help you prevent cardiovascular diseases such as myocardial infarction, heart attack, stroke, atherosclerosis.

10. Transformation function

Sesame seed has a large amount of protein and they can be dispersed or concentrated in the process of metabolism. Thus, sesame seeds can enhance the body’s energy, strengthen the cell’s activity and metabolism.

In addition, to maximize the nutrition of sesame, it had been used with other grains. Nowadays, as technology grows, people have less time to make dishes from sesame. Knowing that, we have researched and launched – NAKKI Japanese crispy sesame rice cracker.

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