Rice has been the main food of Vietnamese people from long long time ago. It can’t be lack of rice in various forms in daily meals or luxurious parties.

There are many delicious dishes made from rice including rice cake. The cakes made from rice have become very similar and essential to the life of Vietnamese people. There are many kinds of rice cake such as “chưng” cake (stuffed sticky rice cake), “dày” cake (roud sticky rice cake) in Vietnamese traditional Tet holiday and “gối” cake (pillow-shaped cake), “xèo” cake (pan-fried crepe or pancako) in daily snack.

Wishing to bring safe and delicious rice cracker to the consumers, OKIFOOD has been researching and launching new products: NAKKI Japanese premium rice cracker and Thousand Years scorched rice – a speciality of Ninh Binh province.

Carefully selected Japanese Japonica rice is mixed with other high quality materials by modern technology, which makes SAFE and delicious, crispy NAKKI rice cracker.

NAKKI rice cracker – Japanese delicious rice cracker!

Some photos of the factory:

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